Congress Reconsiders Bill To Add 15 Days To The Calendar

National Day Calendar

Re-introduced as SB04201501, the senate is currently debating the merits of an additional 15 days being added to the calendar. The house has a similar version which is expected to be debated in committee before coming to a vote on the floor.


By using a complex mathematical equation, each day would be a little less than 1 hour shorter. The bill calls for the creation of the department of time to implement the changes needed in the USA.  Also a conversion process would be needed for those in the world not using the new calendar. Nick Ressler, a time specialist with Zoovio, Inc., stated that with today’s computers and technology, the implementation of a new calendar would be rather easy.

The federal government is considering this as a way to generate new tax revenue. With an additional 15 days in a calendar year, the increase in taxable income will go up…

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Traffic Dos and Don’ts: A Checklist

Safe driving practices are their own reward!

The Blog

One of the main reasons bloggers stop blogging is lack of traffic: at some point, they get tired of being the proverbial tree in the forest, making sounds nobody hears.

We’re here to help. No list of advice can guarantee your blog’s success, but it’s important to be aware of the most critical elements at play. Five dos, five don’ts: give them a try.


  1. Write regularly. Producing fresh content on a regular basis is essential. First, it makes your blog more appealing to search engines, which means new readers are more likely to find you. Just as important, it creates a sense of loyalty among the readers you already have, who know you won’t be stranding them for weeks at a time.
  2. Write well. What makes a post engaging, moving, or entertaining is clearly a matter of opinion. What’s not a matter of opinion? Correct spelling…

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IceBox Candy Bars

IceBox Candy Bars

Here’s a good way to use up some leftover Halloween Candy!  These would also be great as Christmas gifts.