USA Election 2016

Regarding the investigation into voter fraud:

My voting place had mechanical machines that worked just fine, and had paper back-up in case any questions arose.  They were replaced with electronic machines with no paper trail, which I have heard from multiple sources are easily hacked.  The last time I voted, going in, I was told to double-check my ballot before leaving, because there had been complaints that selected votes had been changed automatically by the machine to a different candidate. As for fraud, my son, while a student at college was told to register to vote in the locale of his campus, which would have given him the opportunity to vote twice, had he done so.  He chose not to, although, I can’t speak for the others at his campus.  I also heard that the Governor of VA has said in the past the he had personal knowledge of voter fraud in his state.  I do believe, therefore, that an investigation could prove fruitful, not necessarily because of the recent election, but to hopefully find a way to prevent problems in the future.


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