Congress Reconsiders Bill To Add 15 Days To The Calendar

National Day Calendar

Re-introduced as SB04201501, the senate is currently debating the merits of an additional 15 days being added to the calendar. The house has a similar version which is expected to be debated in committee before coming to a vote on the floor.


By using a complex mathematical equation, each day would be a little less than 1 hour shorter. The bill calls for the creation of the department of time to implement the changes needed in the USA.  Also a conversion process would be needed for those in the world not using the new calendar. Nick Ressler, a time specialist with Zoovio, Inc., stated that with today’s computers and technology, the implementation of a new calendar would be rather easy.

The federal government is considering this as a way to generate new tax revenue. With an additional 15 days in a calendar year, the increase in taxable income will go up…

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